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Asteroids 2: The Vector

A vector graphics version of asteroids...

Ian Mallett
This is a vector graphics version of asteroids. I made v.1.0.0 in less than one day, and late at night, so obviously this game is neither perfect nor incredibly impressive. Still, it is kind of fun.

I decided to make an asteroids game just because PyMike has so many. Remakes are OK to do, but they just aren't as thrilling as making a game the first time, in my opinion. This scientific experiment proved that, at least for me...

As you may have guessed by the name and the screenshot, this is not the next version of my previous Asteroids game: ; It is a SEQUEL.

Have fun!


This program features:
-Vector Graphics
-Anti-Aliased Asteroids
-Particle Systems (see screenshot)
-Perfect Ship/Bullet/Asteroid Collision Detection
-FPS regulator for constant framerate.


CTRL, SPACE, x, z, ENTER = Fire
Left Arrow = Turn Left
Right Arrow = Turn Right
Forwards Arrow = Accelerate Forwards
Backwards Arrow = Slow Down



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Asteroids 2: The Vector 1.0.0 — 26 Feb, 2008

Asteroids 2: The Vector 2.0.0 — 29 Feb, 2008

Asteroids 2: The Vector 3.0.0 — 29 Feb, 2008

Asteroids 2: The Vector 4.0.0 — 11 Nov, 2013 account Comments

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