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SprintCar - 1.0.1

A try for a modern Dragster. Master your car and drive as fast as possible.

A simple racing game...


- Widescreen on with F and off with Escape. - Due to too much difficulty, the time to unlock the coupé is now 37.5s instead of 35s. - A hidden python as a car is added. You can unlock them by pressing some keys then other keys.


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SprintCar 1.0.0 — 3 Sep, 2019

SprintCar 1.0.1 — 14 Sep, 2019 account Comments

  • Super Nunb 2019-09-03 19:27:08.799966

    Looks cool! I'll have to try it out once I have time!
  • Super Nunb 2019-09-06 02:28:46.645778

    Very well made game! I'd recommend putting some kind of obstacles or other cars in there, because going forward as fast as you can with nothing but a percentage as a goal gets kind of old.