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Simple 2D zombie shooter game.

David Sadler
You are trapped in a car park with zombies coming at you from all angles, the aim is simple: Survive. In normal mode, you must survive as long as you can. As you get kills you will be given more powerful weapons, to combat the stronger zombies, from a pistol up to a minigun. Once you have reached the minigun in a normal game, Sharpshooter mode will be unlocked. In Sharpshooter, you are given a minigun with 999 shots. The aim is to get the highest accuracy you can. The game ends once you die or run out of ammo.



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Hordeslayer 1.0 — 8 Aug, 2019 account Comments

  • David Sadler 2019-08-08 17:10:21.746901

    yeh i took zombie sounds from CoD and Unturned if anyone is wondering cuz i cba recordin my own stuff.