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Precious Cargo

A game about traveling on a flying island and getting energy from airships.

You are on a mission to retrieve a valuable crystal from a far away island. On your way back, you notice that your power crystal is low on energy. You must destroy airships to take their power crystal shards. Instructions: Arrow Keys - Move X - Jump C - Punch Down Arrow Key - Smash Smash airships with power crystals on them to steal energy! Try to survive until you reach your destination(progress shown on the top right)and don’t run out of power(bottom left). Made for the Ludum Dare #39 compo jam.



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Precious Cargo 1.0 — 4 Aug, 2017 account Comments

  • Malcolm 2017-08-04 20:38:02.513363

    nice game this is mine (space avoiders) can you leave a helpfull comment to make my game better