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Flippy (Othello/Reversi clone)

Flippy is clone of Othello/Reversi. It is board game where you try to place your black or white tile on the ground and flip your opponent's tiles. This is a one player game against the computer.

Al Sweigart
This game is part of the "Code Comments Tutorial" series on the "Invent with Python" blog. A heavily-commented version of the source code is available on the game's home page. The source is designed to be a good tutorial for someone learning Pygame.



Home Page


Flippy (Othello/Reversi clone) 2 — 25 Jan, 2012

Flippy (Othello/Reversi clone) 1 — 5 May, 2011 account Comments

  • DR0IDDR0ID 2011-05-10 05:50:52

    Link does not work:

    But if the %2F is replace with an actual slash '/' it works!