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Issue tracker
OS/Distribution bug trackers for pygame

Issue tracker

Bitbucket issue tracker can be found here:

Email bug reports and patches to the pygame-users mailing list

To submit a bug report to the mailing list:

  • Join the mailing list.
  • Write an email describing the problem. Please include how to reproduce the bug. Including a minimal script so that we can know how to reproduce the bug themselves; this will lead to quicker fixing. Please include versions of python, pygame, and your OS.
  • Include BUG: at the start of the subject.

To submit a patch to the mailing list:

  • Join the mailing list.
  • Email the mailing list with a description of what the patch fixes, as well as the patch.
  • Include PATCH: at the start of the subject
  • If you are frequently offering patches, we can discuss giving you developer write access to the HG repository.

Joining the mailing list to submit your patch or bug report will allow more people to look at your problem. If you do not want to join the mailing list please send your bug report or patch to renesd AT gmail DOT com.

OS/Distribution bug trackers for pygame


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