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Building and Installing
Python 2.7
SDL Frameworks
JPEG Library

Pygame Development with Eclipse and Mac OS X Lion

This tutorial will explain how to get pygame installed correctly on Mac OS X Lion and additionally how to configure the install with pyDev in eclipse. If you are only interested in one of these two things, have no fear this tutorial won't waste your time. The eclipse specific information is at the bottom of the page all by itself. I decided to write this after struggling through installing pygame on my own machine. I owe many thanks to, and borrowed heavily from, the MacCompile page.


Before the installation process gets started, you'll need to download pygame and its dependencies. The version numbers of the various packages are the ones I had success with on Lion. All of these projects are going to be built from source, and the links below all assume you're downloading the .zip or .tar.gz source code archives. Download links are all listed below:

Building and Installing

Python 2.7

SDL Frameworks

JPEG Library


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