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'Eskimo-run' Tutorial Game
A program to introduce people to pygame's basic areas of python/pygame.
1945 Game
I'm building this game using the free artwork from Ari Feldman "SpriteLib", called "1945".
3 Cards PyKER
3 Cards Poker
4 Game Engine
A side-scrolling 2d platformer game-engine.
A game from the 70's
A first person "catcher" from the past.
A may-fair
a newer version of may-fair, with new improved art.
Fast-paced, first-person SHMUP.
Allefant 5
My pyweek 2007 entry. A platformer with a twist.
Another 1945
Another 1945
you can kill people in the wilderness and when they die the peron that killed them gets all of there opponents stuff,you can be a magican,ranger and a swordsman you can wonder round killing things in falador lumbridge al kharid varrock,and more there are general stores,scimitar shop,battle axe shaop,sword shop,rune shop,helmet shop, to be a magican you need a ceretain magic level and a certain amount of runes, and to wear armour you need to be a certain level,the armour standards go up in bronze,iron,steel,black,mithril,adamant,rune,and dragon armour and its a chatroom,and to be a member it is 3 pound a month,u can go round killing goblins,hill giants that you need a key 2 get in and other things
Ascent of Justice
Lead your skilled hero through the building, dodging cameras, guards, and climbing endless ladders. Find your enemy and take back what is yours!
A recreate of Asteroids.
Astrocrash (Discontinued)
An arcade classic, a game of asteroids.
Attempt at a platformish game
here i go :) total newb.
Balloons it just another cute arcade game, you have to take all balloons before the get out of the screen
This is a simple game where you shot at balls to get points. It is somewhat addictive.
A 2D arcade style game where you avoid certain falling objects and try to collect others.
Barbie Seahorse Adventures
Barbie the Seahorse wants to go to the moon! Let the good times roll with this swell side-scroller. Won teams category in pyweek #4!
Catch as many bottles as possible...
Bible Dave
A crashed pilot, scattered Bibles and a deadline.
A game of falling blocks
Bouncy the Hungry Rabbit
You play Bouncy the Hungry Rabbit. You're in a garden with yummy veggies and a farmer who's not keen on you eating them. You can hide (and move around) under the ground.
Brian is a cross-platform jump-and-run platform game. It is a seperate game but it was heavily inspired by Commander Keen. Apart from graphics, sound and music, it will be close to a clone.
BrickBats is yet another Breakout/Arkanoid clone - written to reflect the author's taste for keyboard controls and distaste for falling rewards/penalties.
Bub Brothers is a network-based game with up to 10 players. Similar to the classic Bubble Bobble games, players compete to collect the most points. Tons of powerups and bonuses, frantic arcade action.
Originally created as an entry to a Ludum Dare warm-up (LD8.5), buggyGame is an exciting side-scrolling game of exploration and survival, with an only slightly repetitive soundtrack! Features 3 riveting levels!
Carl Codemonkey
Take the place of Carl Codemonkey and get the feeling of how it is to work as a programer.
Medieval multi-player arcade game.
A Python Chip8 Emulator. Very open source! Fix and add anything you want and email it to me!
Abstract shooter.
A simple 2D arcade game.
Codename: Mario
Remake of Mario 1 on Nes
Commandor is a 2d platformer fighting game with very simple AI.
Cosmic Assault
Retro gaming space shooter with different enemy ships and shots, a boss level, and powerups.
A VERY simple game. Survive in the middle of a crossfire! At least as long as possible!
Cuzco's Goat Bloat Game
A fun game about chasing goats around a goat pen before they spread a terrible goat bloat disease to each other and explode!
Death Tower - Pyweek 4
Here was my entry into Pyweek #4. I had a blast making this, and I plan on expanding it in the future.
Debris Man
DNA Replicator
Knock off of Dance Dance Revolution where you build DNA molecules.
Just shoot the falling bombs before they smash your territory - Inspired from a minigame of the DS
DynaMaze - Tanks in a Dynamic Maze
Save giraffes while jumping on a rolled up squirrel! Watch out for the angry natives!
Eos -- Dawn of Light
A space adventure game with elements of arcade and strategy. Can you command your fleet against your greatest enemy?
Escape from Anathema Mines
An exciting game where you are a slave escaping from a diamond mine. Includes eight wild levels.
Evil Greg Vs. Eight Year Olds
A simple, yet fun game pitting Evil Greg against a never ending plague of 8 year olds.
Destroy the asteroids before they destroy Earth.
Extreme Pong .9.5.0
The game is like the traditional pong but with four paddles. See the description for details.
My first py-game game.
Kill the fairy and try to get to the highest level.
The Amazing Finger Game
Fireball 12
A vertical scrolling, space themed game. 4 weapons at present. This game was made by Paul Harris.
Two players shooting game inspired by Liero and Jouts
Fractal Tetris
A fun tetris game with very pretty mandelbrot fractals for backgrounds.
The world's most thrilling platform game to star an anthropomorphic pea
Frinkiac-7 PyBomber
Frinkiac-7 Pybomber is a multi-player network party game. While the game contains nearly every feature from the original version, there are a few extras that you probably haven't seen before.
Galcon is an awesome high paced galactic action-strategy game. You send swarms of ships from planet to planet to take over the galaxy.
Geometry Wars
Much like the X-box game, shoot enemies
Glarf is a platformer like Mario or MegaMan or Contra
Hymn of the Demon
The official game! A vertical shooter!
An arcade style space shooter.
Immortal Pongbat
Immortal Pongbat is fast-action, adrenaline-pumping remake of the classic Macintosh game, Mortal Pongbat.
Infinite Sprites Demo
How to render an infinite number of sprites on the screen.
Invasores is a very simple game written with Python and PyGame. Kill them all... kill them fast !
Kid Bandyhoots Crazy Adventures in Cylindrical Coordinate Space
A cylindrical OpenGl Platformer written for the Pygame challenge!
A sick and addictive arcade game.
Krowten Emagyp
A 2d side scroller that you can play on internet
Labyrinth '45
A Gauntlet clone set in World War 2.
Lady Python
Lady Python needs to keep her eggs safe from the accursed spiders. Help her make a meal of them before they make a meal of her babies!
Ladybug RUN!
A pacman clone.
Learning To Fly
Help the poor chicken, that fell out of the nest back to its mother.
Lode Runner '07
A fun remake of the classic game.
The essence of the pure abstract arcade game.
You must land the LunarLander on the surface. -- Du musst den LunarLander auf der OberflÀche landen.
Car fighting game
Mapacman is a multiplayer online pacman game. It requires pygame and the pyarianne packages. Arianne is a multiplayer online network engine designed for turn based and real time games. This project is a demonstration of what can be done.
Maple Madness
A modification for madness interactive
Marine Rescue
A fast action game, rescue divers, shoot sharks and mines
A game that you need to use the masher(hammer-like stuff) to mash the spikeballs
click on the flowers or lose!
Game vision: A frantic sandbox style shmup, with random missions and targets.
Mobius Skies
A horizontal shooter.
An example of a mario-style character who must stomp a monkey head.
A basic ball and paddle game with nice space graphics.
Help the cat explore dangerous underground caves and collect cat snacks.
Ninja on The Wall

Get up with your grapple hook, while shooting all kinds of zombies and evading the bottom falling off. I suggest playing the Tutorial - simply click START in the Menu - before trying the Endless Wall.

Open Leaping Lemmings
Lemmings fall from the sky, and go "splat" if you fail to catch them
Overlord Loach
This is basically a multiplayer worm game, with two human players and many AI players. Currently being ported to Java.
A scrolling version of Pac-Man with multiple mazes, bouncing fruit, and intelligent ghosts.
Pathman is a 3D first/third person re-interpretation of Namco's popular 1980's arcade hit Pac-Man, arguably the most popular computer game of all time.
Originally created as an entry to the Pyweek 4 warm-up, pillows is an exciting â??save-the-worldâ?ť arcade game with a very unique premise! Features original soundtrack by JDruid!
Ping Pang Pong
A simple "Pong" Remake
Pirates versus Ninja
A lone Ninja faces off against the Pirate King and his minions.
Plane Duel
2 Player Game Gameplay like good old BIP game, 2 dogfighters fight each other
Just a simple Pong... It was build during a python / pygame tutorial at the games academy berlin.
Power Defender
Defend the nuclear power plant from enemy troops. And save the country. FPS role playing game
Project Alexandria
space combat game with inertia and bouncing
A top-down, arena-style shooter.
Build a tower to withstand a howling gale!
A Breakout clone written using Pygame
A collection of classic vector arcade remakes. Currently contains the SpaceWarpy and Vektoroids games. Comes with a pygtk interface to select the different games.
Pong video game using Atmega8 Microcontroller, and Pygame. It is a good example of an heterogeneous system, consisting of micorcontroller's code (in C) and Python+Pygame application. I've spent two evenings and I've done it! The hardest thing was soldering despite the fact, that I never had dealings with microcontrollers before. I've found AVR Atmega8 microcontroller the cheapest option to create the simplest pong controller. It is probably also the fastest way.
pyRacerz is a Multiplayer Top View 2D Racing Game...
In PyRockets you control a small craft in an arena battling waves of droids. The 0.25 version is missing tons of features, but the core gameplay is in place as well as some particle effects. Lots of gratuitous particle effects.
LodeRunner makes an appearance post-y2k. All the brick-digging fun you remember from years ago.
Alittle game
A game loosely inspired by the original Spacewar.
PySudoku is an implementation of Sudoku ( using Python & pygame.
The objective of PyTanks is to destroy each others tanks. You can do this by shooting a cannon shot toward the tank you want to destroy.
Pytaxx is a clone of the arcade game Ataxx. Like gataxx from Gnome, but with a wicked recursive AI and cool pygame-powered graphics. It also features downloadable themes.
Python Game
Old good Snake Game, but with many AI competitors, special effects, music and rhythm.
Python Super Stupid Space Invaders
Super Stupid Space Invaders for Python
Pyx is inspired by the old Qix game by Taito (1981). Capture the enemy by blocking off sections of the screen.
Rally 7
A car racing game inspired by an arcade classic with a similar name.
Republican Invasion!
Blast those pesky republicans!
Robot War
A game of battling robots...
Dig around and collect diamonds.
Snot The Second, the rubber boxes King, declared a holy war against evil plastic balls to defeat himself and his crew lives. Excentric crossplatform 2D labyrinth game, early alpha now, but you're welcome to test it. Just try to reach exit without dying of starvation and destroy as much balls as possible.
It is a simple race game code.
A simple race game code
Sheep Wars
A simple 3D action-strategy game where you build cannons and try to break the sheep pen of an opposing farmer.
Multiplayer game with hovering plane things. Shoot down your opponents with machine guns and homing missiles. Includes a fancy GUI and eye-candy.
Stack the moving boxes all the way to the top, and win! Slack eris a clone of the arcade game "Stacker", and was created for Pyweek #4.
Slagpanic is a colorful modernization of the classic, Qix. Your job is to box in a wild variety of enemies and obstacles. You can also grab powerups to make things easier.
An alien, space environment reckless company has decided that our solar-system is the ideal place for storing their nuclear waste. Now it's your job is to clean it up!
Slippery Circle
Catch that flying blue circle.
Slot Machine
I don't know what to write here :)
Snake 2006
A new version of the famous Snake
A jump'n'run game like "Solomon's Key" or "Spherical"
SolarWolf is a frantic arcade action game. Pilot your nimble spaceship through 60 levels of box-collecting, bullet-dodging action. Certainly a pygame showcase title!
Collect green boxes in space, steer using mouse, watch out for those nasty mines and roids.
This is a old-style Spacewar remake.
Spacin'Vaders is loosely based in the old classic. Version 0.1 was developed in a couple of hours (some 500 lines of code), so it's no PS2 stuff you're looking at here, but it should be fun anyway, and the sound effects are particularly cool.
The classic arcade game with a few extras. Available in packaged form for Mac OS X and Windows, and as source.
Square Rain
An extremely simple but fun arcade game where you must avoid the downfall of blocks.
Star Pynguin
A fun game based on space invaders.With many more features.
Steam Run
The aim of Steam Run is to fly a steam powered aircraft from one landing pad to another, while dodging zeppelins and cannon balls.
Swords and Crossbows
Swords and crossbows is a gauntlet style game writen for the 72 hour 2006 gamedev contest. (
T.P.B.O (Two Player Blast Out)
Two player shooting game
This is a little 2D arcade game, its ancestor was my most beloved console game, in the early 90's. The game showed extreme puritanity with its look, but same experience on play. For this very reason I'm going to rewrite this gem of arcade games.
The Getaway
You've successfully broken into a huge bank and liberated a similarly huge payout. The hard part's over, now it's time for the fun part: The Getaway!
The Hairy Chestival Game
A Ludum Dare #7 Entry -- Shave the hairy chest with your lawn mower as fast as you can!!!
The Witch's Yarn
Graphical Interactive Fiction Stage director metaphor UI. Sit-com inspired interactive comic book as theater.
Torched Turf
A simple artillery game, where you must adjust the power and angle of your cannons before the timer reaches zero.
A small tower defense game implemented in just a single python script utilizing pygame.
This is a pacman kinda game in 3D. requires pygame and pyOpenGL.
TrashVac Hero X
A twitchy two level shoot-em-up with trash slinging physics! This was made for the Pygame.Draw challenge in 2006
Trip on the Funny Boat
A side scrolling shooter game starring a steamboat on the sea.
Triplex Invaders
An Alien Invaders style game with openGL graphics.
Trouble In CloudLand
A 2D arena style shoot-em-up developed for the Shmup-Dev.Com AutoFire 2007 competition.
Little Asteroids like shooter game. Shall become eventually a python tutorial for kids.
Twisted Life
Twisted Life is a video game that uses a variant of John H. Conway's Life cellular automaton in which Life forms twist around the center of the universe.
Twisted Zombie
Game development for PyWeek 5. Programmers from Santa Fe, Argentina learning Python. Team members: * Juanjo Conti * Mariano Galán * Manuel Kaufmann * César Portela * Sebastián Galiano * Diego Levental * David Capello
Twitch is an overhead 2-d shooter, reminiscent of games like Robotron or Tron: Deadly Disks. The player has entered the fortress of the evil Hippopoticus, and is trying to rescue the fair Lady Penelope from his clutches. You need to progress through 10 rooms, defeating Hippopoticus's robotic army as you go.
Typus Pocus
A typing game, with a twist.
Urban Ninja - Pyweek3
My entry to the Pyweek 3 contest.
Vortex Racers
A racing game that was originally an entrant for PyWeek 5. Drive around the track hitting checkpoints. Oh, and avoid the tornado! Written by Scav. Graphics done by me.
VROOM!!! Vector Graphic Racing
Race around a variety of tracks. Watch out for the walls! View and publish your best times to the net!
pekuja, philhassey, and treeform got together on irc this evening and cranked out this whacky game about bouncing watermelons on a trampoline in about 4 hours. enjoy!
Which Way Is Up?
A traditional and challenging 2D platformer with a slight rotational twist.
Woody Tigerbaum's Twisted Marble Factory
Twist the hoses to put colored marbles into the correct crates.
Vertical shooter with lots of action. Enemies seem to have no difficulty shooting tons of bullets towards you. Answer in kind by grabbing the powerups and beating the bosses.  
Yatris is a tetris game for 1 or two players. It uses themes for the block patterns and shapes.
Vertical space shooter with a twist! The traditional idea of hitpoints is replaced by color value.
Planet Zephulor is a side scrolling platform arcade game. Currently the game spans 15 levels.
Zombie Hunter
A simple top-down shooter made by Darky and Vizor. This is my first pygame game, so be nice:).

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