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The Grapher

Graph your favorite functions in this complete Grapher!

Ian Mallett
Graph your favorite functions in this complete Grapher! I made this program mostly for fun, partially just to finish it after I got started. There's still a few bugs that I know about, so no whining about my negligence. I'm going to add a degree/radian mode (default is degree) and fix all the bugs. With this program, you can adjust the window and the functions inside. This program can do logs and exponents and all the trig functions. It also has a nice wx input system for them. For clarity, different functions (there can be up to five) are differently colored. Even with all five functions, the program still runs quite quickly on my 1.7ghz duo. You will need Pygame and wxPython. The screen shot is a composite, with resized subimages to reduce size. Sorry about the low res--download for the real thing!



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The Grapher 2.0.0 — 31 Jan, 2008 account Comments