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Asteroids - 7.1.0

A recreate of Asteroids.

Ian Mallett

This is a recreate of Asteroids with better graphics.

I made version 1.0 in < one day.
The controls are arrow keys to move, spacebar to shoot, "s" to shield, "b" to drop bomb
You get one life, and then it restarts at level 1.
There are an infinite number of levels!
firing takes a small but significant amount of rechargeable energy.
A beautiful explosion which took me a while to do
the spaceship is based on a graphic someone made of a star trek vessel.
.jpg makes the screenshot low-quality. Better in reality
the bullets are UV Beta pictures of the sun


There are so many changes here...I've completely reworked the code--it is faster, more reliable, nicer, and has new features. Check it out! I've made the framerate adjustable, so those of you with slower computers can still play by only changing one parameter (Line 31).


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Asteroids 1.0 — 8 Oct, 2007

Asteroids 6.0.0 — 20 Oct, 2007

Asteroids 5.0.0 — 20 Oct, 2007

Asteroids 4.0.0 — 13 Oct, 2007

Asteroids 7.1.0 — 10 May, 2008 account Comments

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  • Mike Hawk 2016-01-07 15:54:16

    Got grounded for playing this...