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Marble Madness - 7.3

Let's face it. You're a marble.

Ian Mallett
Let's face it. You're a marble. How did you get like this? For reasons unknown, you have been transformed to this state by the good King Gargrenought, who has recently decided to be evil. Fortunately, the spell the King used backfired after hitting you, so he is now a marble as well -- just bigger. Your present goal is to seek revenge for this nefarious deed, though reverting to your previous state is obviously good as well. To do either, however, you must battle your way through the King's palace for the final showdown...


OK, the next version is finally ready. I've updated the levels, sounds, game complexity, added support for a "level editor" (see below), added fantastic explosions following the laws of gravity with particle effects, coloured floor tiles, upped level size, fixed collision detection and menu bugs, etc. Source included!

The screenshot is a composite .jpg for the small file size, but it makes it a bit blurrier than the actual game. At top left, the menu, at top right, level 9 and some exploding enemy, at bottom left, level 1, and bottom right, the showdown with King Gargrenought. BTW, this is the hardest level. Try to kill him by making him run into the laser walls. (Really, it does work; but he's got 500x your health).

"Level Editor" thing is something that becomes available after level 10 (the last level). To use it, go to Data/Levels and make a new .txt file named "lvl11.txt", "lvl12.txt", etc. and then play it, after you complete level 10, and the game quits.

Controls are arrow keys.

Requires a decent computer, PyOpenGL, pygame, etc.


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Marble Madness 7.3 — 29 Aug, 2007

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