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Settings - 4.0.0

A small series of menus designed to grant the programmer simple access to what settings the user wants.

Ian Mallett
I originally created this module for use in my project "Pentix" which may or may not ever be released. This module can be used like a function- just import it and run. It returns the options fullscreen/windowed as well as screensize. this is theoretically a beta release, because the screensizes available are probably not standard. If someone can give me a good list of all the standard sizes, I will make another release. If you decide to use this module in your program, let me know here; I'm curious where it ends up.


Updated a few graphics and made it (hopefully) compatible with other versions of python.


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Settings 2.0.0 — 8 Jul, 2007

Settings 1.0.0 — 8 Jul, 2007

Settings 4.0.0 — 13 Jul, 2007 account Comments

  • Joonatan Saarhelo 2011-10-10 09:36:16

    This can be very useful, but in the screenshot it is useless, because pygame gives you a surface the size of the screen, if you set mode (0,0). And btw my resolution is not supported. Its 1280x800.