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PyChess - v2.1

This is a fully functioning Chess Game developed in Python Using Pygame with many features.

This is a Chess Game developed in python Using Pygame. You can play singlePlayer, multiplayer and play online. You can save and load games. All features of chess included. It has move generation, move validation, test for check/checkmate/stalemate, pawn promotion, castling, enpassent and a wonderful GUI thanks to Pygame.


This update optimises some code and adds more features. Check readme at github for details on upgrade


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Github repo


PyChess v2.0 — 7 Jan, 2020

PyChess v2.1 — 11 Jan, 2020

PyChess v3.0 — 21 May, 2020

PyChess v2.2 — 14 Jun, 2020

PyChess v3.1 — 14 Jun, 2020 account Comments

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