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Pygame GUI - 0.5.5

A GUI library with good text support, windows & lots of theming options.

Dan Lawrence
New in 2019, this GUI module aims for a modern appearance, Pygame 2 features & support, as well as being oriented directly towards games with focused GUI elements like health bars, alongside the standard buttons, sliders and drop down menus. The module also has approachable online documentation - available at the home page below.


Adds lots of improvements to the windowing system and some new default Windows to use in projects like File Dialogs and Colour Picker Dialogs.


Home Page
Github repo


Pygame GUI 0.4.0 — 21 Nov, 2019

Pygame GUI 0.5.5 — 22 Apr, 2020

Pygame GUI 0.6.0 — 1 Jan, 2022 account Comments

  • Mme 2020-06-14 12:24:08.668522

    Is there a way to add a oneliner or something to convert pygame app into a pygame gui add-on?

    Mme 2020-06-14 12:26:34.965736

    I have pygame apps, and I want to have an interface to access those apps from, and I don't want to go app by app and change the code, I need a way to open them as add-ons...