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Tetratris True

Tetratris True - 1.0

Mike Doty (psyguy1)



Driven by an unnatural obsession with tetris, I have worked to create a fun and diverse tetris game. The result? Tetratris True.

You can choose from any of 8 distinct gameplay modes or challenge other players in the multiplayer mode; you can also keep track of your stats and multiplayer win/loss record on the Tetratris True website.

Any tetris player knows how important of a role the controls in a tetris game play; to this end, Tetratris True offers you complete control customizability. Do you like to use the F9 key to rotate pieces counter-clockwise? In this game, you can!

I hope y'all enjoy this game. I want to work on better commenting the source codea bit better in some areas; look for me to eventually post such a version sometime in the future.

Note: Requires PyOpenGL in addition to PyGame.


- Added Windows binary download.


Home Page:


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Tetratris True - 1.0 - Dec 18, 2006 account Comments

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December 21, 2006 11:30am - HorstJENS - nickname: (horst) - 4/5
works very fine (tested with ubuntu 6.10). Nice idea with the circular menu, i like it.

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