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pyBta - 0.3.3

Jesús Hernández Paredes (jesushernandezparedes)



pyBta is my personal playground, where I learn to program small applications and mini games, so own and quite traditional. PyBta not a tool to use and is, rather, a library that allows me to explore and poke about things I do not understand and I want to learn. So not intended as a competitor to other existing libraries but a contribution from someone who simply wants to deliver his idea. Features: -Written in pyhon, which is easy to understand language. -Use pygame for drawing tasks, management frame rate, reading events ... -Fully written in Castilian. Name objects, functions, attributes ... -Based on modules. Module controls scene module, module for collision detection, event module ... -With several global objects that facilitate communication between the different modules. BtaMotor himself, the event object, the object scheduler, scene management ... Biblioteca pensada para la creación de pequeñas aplicaciones y juegos. PyBta nace con la idea de crear una biblioteca que, poco a poco, se vaya haciendo sencilla y amena para la gente que quiere diseñar sus ideas pero no tengan grandes conocimientos sobre programación (Es decir, nace para un tipo como yo) Características: -Escrita en pyhon, el cual es un lenguaje fácil de entender. -Usa pygame para las tareas de dibujo, manejo del frame rate, lectura de eventos... -Totalmente escrita en castellano. Nombre de objetos, funciones, atributos... -Basada en módulos. Módulo de controles, módulo de escenas, módulo para la detección de colisiones, módulo de eventos... -Con varios objetos globales que facilitan la comunicación entre los diferentes módulos. El propio BtaMotor, el objeto eventos, el objeto planificador, el gestor de escenas...


New version: 0.3.3 PyBta to download. So here I continue with my idea, utopian, to have a library that allows me to explore, learn and enjoy this hobby with me already for quite some time. The idea for this version, has been looking for more stability and speed, especially in the module, scenes, which is what has me rougher for quite. I also used the time to test the library in Windows and make it work in the same way I see it working in Ubuntu. Step to have the list of changes: Loading controls retouched, to display the most direct way. Also slightly improves the speed and responsive handling of this module. Divorce, come more sharing with collision detection module. I have ported all the features that I found of real interest, a file I have saved in the tools folder. All modules that made use of the object, collider, except the scene module, go now to use the functions stored in this file. Within the module, scenes, birth order, controlDeChoques. This object is responsible for detecting collisions generated within a scene. Use the rectangle and circle, as the basis for managing collisions. An entity may have more of these figures in its interior and can then be used to detect whether two entities are in contact at runtime. From this version, all responses to events and plans to register in a scene will be notified within the same runtime. This will avoid surprises, unpleasant. This must be taken into account, both the events module, as the scheduler module, operating in different threads and initially broadcast their answers without having any control over what is happening inside the module, scenes or if it is time more accurate to issue a response to this module. To avoid this error, Forcing the module, scenes, to notify all pending events plans and just at the right time within its own control loop. The object BtaEnte has changed internally, for this new version. The entire interface to handle animations, upload images, storing or disposing grids ... switches have become that light, keeping the information necessary to perform the operation and the loop of the module, scenes, in charge of conducting at the right time. This avoids all the crashes I had this module in the previous version. No more sets of different types avoid the mixing and diversification. Now, there is only one type of decorated and this is always multilayer. What changes are the kinds of layers that are added inside. These may be behind or in front of BtaEntes and can be of different types. Furthermore, these may have different sizes and may also have different speeds. If you wish, you can leave the decor itself manage the speed of the layers to generate an automatic parallax effect. In this version left three different layer types: Single layer image: load an image inside. Coat texture: loads an image and plays like a mosaic for the rest of the layer. Layer routes: Generates routes within the layers and uses these entities to continue the path to default. Added the activity waypoints. This layer functions as paths but independently of the set. The manager changed scenes and place name. Now manager just called and you can access it from the module, scenes. Within scenes, born submodule actualizadorDeCuatroFases. This submodule contains the four responsible for managing objects and their local scene, at runtime. These four objects move independently and each is responsible for a group of jobs in particular. ActualizadorFaseUno: this is responsible for logical updates, responding to events, plans and collisions, activity management ... ActualizadorFaseDos: Responsible for updating the graphical part of an entity and its animations, if they are located within the visible part of the scene. ActualizadosFaseTres: responsible for drawing on a canvas in memory, the graphic results of a scene. The main loop will be consuming this image and displayed on the screen. ActualizadorFaseCuatro: Responsible for maintaining the events generated within a scene. Something escape me, but this is the list of changes, most important, in this version. It is true that I have more ideas in mind to try and make the crazy with this, but for now here, if not, just never.


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pyBta - 0.3.3 - Jul 7, 2013
pyBta - 0.3.2 - Jun 9, 2013
pyBta - 0.3 - May 19, 2013
pyBta - 0.2 - Jan 26, 2013
pyBta - 0.1 - Apr 2, 2012 account Comments

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