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pysycache - 1.5

Teach kids to move the mouse

PySyCache is an educational program for young children (4-7 years old). Its purpose is to teach them to manipulate the mouse (move, click, drag and drop, double click) by five pleasant activities and beautiful pictures.


Add a new mode of game, add a new theme (the ABCBook), add a forum for share your themes. More than 130 pictures available. Be careful : themes and pictures are NOT with the game, but in DIFFERENTS packages.


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pysycache 2.0 — 22 Feb, 2006

pysycache 1.5 — 24 Oct, 2005

pysycache 1.0 — 21 Sep, 2005

pysycache 2.1 — 26 Jun, 2006

pysycache 3.0 alpha — 20 Sep, 2006 account Comments