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pySioGame - 2.40.208

Ireneusz Imiolek (eric83pl)



pySioGame is a set of grid based educational activities for young children.
The application started as author's programing sandbox in early days of stepping into python world - but later improved and transformed into an educational app. While it is not a programing piece of art children under 10 might find it useful - and hopefully won't complain about badly written code :) - as long as it works and more than likely it does.

The app includes some basic activities in maths, reading and writing, memory, etc. More activities are being developed but graphic design is not the strongest of author's skills which quite significantly limits the possibilities - cutting edge graphics are not to be expected. Most of the nicest graphics used in the game were created by talented people who contributed their works to, and other sites - thanks to all of them.

The application is playable (hopefully). Testing was limited to a couple of PCs running Ubuntu + some bug reports from users, recently also passed tests on Windows (8 and XP) and seems to work all right as long as python and pygame is installed. Not tested on any other Operating Systems yet.

    - python 2.7+
    - python-pygame
    - espeak (optional but very useful)

The app supports multiple languages - currently available ones: Catalan, English, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish. Please contact the author if you would like to help translating this application to any other language or to improve (make more fun) any of the completed translations. The English version would definitely benefit from some beautification by native speaker, anyone interested?

Thanks to Miriam Ruiz who did the hard work and created the deb and ppa as well as made the effort to submit it to Debian and Ubuntu repositories.

The GamePlay Video of the program (v.


pySioGame -
  • new feature - color modes - to make the game more accessible for kids with colour vision deficiencies. The choice of modes available: default full colour, black on white background, white on black and yellow on black. Some games that rely on colour remain unchanged or have been changed to better fit the black background - and care has been taken to create a contrast in lightness of colour.
  • added (partial) support for right-to-left languages
  • added Hebrew translation by Ori Hoch
  • changed the application so it works with phenomes when language is not supported by espeak.
  • multiple bug fixes
  • redesigned the game layout and colour scheme - centered the game area.
pySioGame - 1.31.127-dev:
  • Russian language updated by Алексей Логинов
  • language files moved around again - most of the files are still stored in the i18n folder, but compiled .mo files are now stored under locale in appriopriate folders - if necessary for packaging copy each of those files to the corresponding folder in usr/share/locale and change the new location link in
  • game resources moved to res directory
  • English language related activities moved to a separate category in non English speaking locales
  • additional espeak process is being started to enable the game to read text in English when playing with one of above mentioned activities
  • added option to auto-login you on next visit - the login screen will appear for a fraction of a second and then tha main window will open
  • to go back to the initial screen or admin settings you have to press the log out "link" in top right corner.
  • added exit button on the initial screen
  • multiple bugs fixes - thanks to Алексей Логинов for finding and reporting them.
pySioGame - 1.31.111-dev:
  • added an initial screen used for login and administrative settings
  • some settings have been moved to administrator's settings
  • enabling sound and eSpeak in game is now done by clicking on the icons in left top corner of the game area when connecting with espeak is not possible the option to enable it is hidden, and the wording of the console message is changed - partly solved bug #721899
  • all user data is now saved in a 'pysiogame.db' database stored in $XDG_DATA_HOME/pysiogame or $HOME/.local/share/pysiogame - solves bug #721830
  • country flags are no longer used for language selection - solves bug #721829
  • added ability to create accounts, a default account Guest is automatically created for you
  • on first start the game tries to detect your local language and uses it if translation or close translation is available, i.e. if your detected language is pt_BR, but only pt_PT translation is available, the later will be used for both Portugal and Brazil as the default language for the login screen and newly created accounts. This can be changed in language settings on login screen. English is still used as default if language is not found.
  • Translations are now a mixture of .po files and some custom translations (where more control over the translation was required) - solves wishlist item #721852
  • solved a critical bug in "Color Matching" game (the game crashed when the width was larger than 5 squares and the colour label was dragged onto the empty square in the top line)
  • minor fixes to some of the games
  • where completing a level is possible the completed level numbers are highlighted
  • added possibility to receive points (where applicable) for completing games
  • flashcard images are now stored as a separate files rather than sprite - takes up more space but is easier to add new images.
  • added Catalan Language - thanks to Guillem Jover.
  • 2 new activities


Home Page:


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pySioGame - 2.40.208 - Feb 21, 2014
pySioGame - 1.30.811 - Aug 11, 2013
pySioGame - 0.4.1-beta - Dec 1, 2012
pySioGame - 0.4.0-beta - Oct 11, 2012
pySioGame - 0.3.0 - May 29, 2012
pySioGame - 0.2.0 - May 5, 2012
pySioGame - 0.0.2 - Apr 19, 2012
pySioGame - 0.0.1-pre-alpha - Apr 4, 2012 account Comments

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May 29, 2012 10:05pm - Adam Sobocinski - nickname: (logic) - 5/5
Nice a game, very expensive, I like me :). There are very few educational games.
April 22, 2012 12:38am - Zachariah Callaway - nickname: (xzcallaway)
A .deb package of pySioGame is available for download at

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