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glLib Reloaded

OpenGL Library + Shader OpenGL Library + TONS MORE STUFF!

Ian Mallett
I ripped both my older libraries apart and recombined them into a massive library with all the functions of each. Then, for months, I added new techniques and functions, as listed below.

- .obj and .raw file loading: vertex buffer objects, vertex arrays, display lists
- Fully programmable shaders - mostly compatible with ATI cards and most non-ancient NVidia cards. Intel chipsets not tested.
- Lighting - fixed function and programmable GPU
- Texturing - multitexturing, with all the features: filtering, all kinds of mipmapping, edge handling, anisotropic filtering.
- Framebuffer objects (FBOs)
- Tangent Space normalmapping
- Parallax mapping
- Parallax occlusion mapping (POM)
- Shadowmapping
- Cubemapping
- Transmission simulation (screen-space additive depth visualization and "candle"-like transmission that's view-agnostic).
- Caustic mapping - refractive and/or reflective objects
- Post process suite of filters using the accumulation buffer
- Cartoon shading example (includes outlining)
- GPU particle systems
- GPU cloth simulation

Movies: GPU Cloth, GPU Particles 1, GPU Particles 2, Normalmapping and Parallax Occlusion Mapping, Introduction to Vertex Transformations, Reflection and Refraction

There is also an official Facebook group dedicated to making cool effects with PyOpenGL here.

In addition, this edition contains 16 tutorials, 20 pages of documentation, a function list, information on shaders, and some of my own tips and tricks.

This library is presented fully free, so long as you don't claim what I did is yours.

I am a high school senior, going to college to study computer graphics. I do not come from a particularly affluent family, and, as such, I am requesting a donation for my college tuition. Donations are greatly appreciated:
Have fun!



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