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clickndrag - 0.2.0

Florian Berger (fberger)



'clickndrag' has been renamed to 'planes'. Check out planes on

Mouse-sensitive sprites. Hierarchical windows. Drag and drop. All with one new class. No messing with your main loop.

The clickndrag module introduces the "Plane" class which extends PyGame's "Surface" functionality, offering a hierarchy of mouse-sensitive, draggable Surfaces that can be used as sprites, windows, icons or other interactive elements.

In addition, the clickndrag.gui module uses clickndrag to provide basic GUI elements like container, label, text box, option list and button.


Added proper GPL licensing. Performance improvements: Planes now use per-pixel alpha only when neccessary, and utilise video RAM if available. clickndrag now includes Bitstream Vera as default font. gui.TextBox and gui.GetStringDialog can now be confirmed using the RETURN key. Added showcase Documentation updates.

Please note that clickndrag needs Python 3 to work.


Home Page:


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clickndrag - 0.4.1 - Jul 29, 2011
clickndrag - 0.4.0 - Mar 28, 2011
clickndrag - 0.3.0 - Mar 23, 2011
clickndrag - 0.2.0 - Mar 11, 2011
clickndrag - 0.1.0 - Jan 12, 2011 account Comments

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August 22, 2011 6:05am - Florian Berger - nickname: (fberger)
@eternalcheesecake, the screenshot currently (08/2011) shows an alpha version of the editor of the Fabula game engine - a project you have already commented on. ;-) Grab it at
August 9, 2011 4:49am - Xandar Kablandar - nickname: (eternalcheesecake)
Interesting project you have on that screenshot... curious to see that at some point...
March 26, 2011 9:45am - Florian Berger - nickname: (fberger)
@burningprodigy, of course you can, it's all GPL after all. But since yours is the second request after Kytriya (or the third, counting Donpachi), I will port it to 2.x myself next week. Stay tuned for 0.4.0! :-)
March 26, 2011 2:41am - Muhammad Ahmad Tirmazi - nickname: (burningprodigy) - 5/5
Can I modify it a little in order to get it working on python 2x?
March 24, 2011 4:23pm - Kytriya - nickname: (tpgames)
The problem I have is that I never was able to get MacPorts working on my computer. So the svn directions for the ancient version doesn't work, which makes updating impossible. And Mac Terminal says "command svn" not found. So, I rely on getting my hands on source code where possible.

The other problem is that their online downloads are ancient, and the folder only contains the ancient material. They don't update anything but the news. :P However, I did download your file. I might be able to get it work by porting future. I'm not sure though. If not, I might be able to find and fix whatever lines to make it work in 2.6. At anyrate, I'm saving $ for a new PC and hope to get one by the end of the year, which will solve the problem. I also plan on getting my Ubuntu fixed before then, which will also solve the problem as I never had issues with its terminal.
March 23, 2011 12:21pm - Florian Berger - nickname: (fberger)
Hi Kytriya, up to now I just hadn't noticed that there was no Python 3-compatible release of Pygame on the Mac. Sorry about that! I think the Mac releases of Pygame will eventually catch up (and you can always bug the Pygame developers about that ;-) ). Thanks for the hint, I hope you will be able to use clickndrag soon.
March 22, 2011 10:51am - Kytriya - nickname: (tpgames) - 4/5
If Pygame does not use Python 3.0 (especially for mac OS X 10.04), how does this work with Pygame? Pygame isn't even being compiled for Mac OS X 10.04. :P I downloaded it anyways as I might be able to play around with it after I buy a new computer. I LOVE the interface you made!

Its odd how Macs have become popular now that people are disgusted with PC's, but everything is only developed for the Viral PC. Personally, I still prefer the PC for many reasons, but for longevity of hardward working, I can't beat the Mac. I've yet to keep a PC working for longer then 1 yr 3 months. This Mac is 7 yrs old and still ticking. rofl

Rated it a 4 only because I'm still on the only OS I can keep running - Mac OS X 10.04 PPC (no intel chip). I think you have a very good idea going here otherwise. :D I just can't use it within Pygame yet with my current OS.
January 12, 2011 10:24am - Florian Berger - nickname: (fberger)
@donpachi: Well, it clearly says so on the homepage and in the README. But I added a note above. Thanks for the pointer.
January 12, 2011 8:21am - Donpachi - nickname: (donpachi)
I think you could mention up front that it needs python3.0 to work.

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