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World - 2.0.0

A visualizer for geographic locations.

Ian Mallett

A visualizer for geographic locations,

Controls are the mouse.

To plot a point, open "data/PointList.txt" and enter in a longitude and latitude (following the example).


Basically rewritten from scratch so that I can be proud of it and so that you can follow it. Adds nice graphics effects so that it doesn't look so awful, also changes the point plotting from using a textured quad to using an actual GL_LINE. Some GPUs might not support multisampling, anisotropic filtering, or mipmapping. Follow any stack trace and read the comments.


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World 1.0.0 — 11 Aug, 2007

World 2.0.1 — 20 Dec, 2012

World 2.0.0 — 19 Dec, 2012

World 2.0.2 — 20 Dec, 2012 account Comments