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Word Match

A word matching program. Works for unicode characters, helpful for languages with accents, in this case Tagalog (Filipino). Click a word on the right column, and click a word on the left column, computer waits about 3 secs before verifying the answer.

Justin Ramos
A simple flashcard style program. Based on the word matching concept found in schoolbooks. I thought it helpful to use pygame to make studying easier. In this case instead of reading word lists on paper, I can try to recognize new words, increase my speed of recognition and keep track of how often I am right or wrong. The unicode stuff was bad at first, but I worked on through it. Most libraries in the program are standard. I have a source file for the data and the python program itself. Source file: Python file: I tried to write a Tkinter program because it had well defined widgets. But pygame has a nicer looking interface and the ability to build features. I plan on adding sound, maybe animation or involve the keyboard more. Great program for people trying to memorize word lists.



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Word Match 2.0 — 2 Jan, 2012 account Comments