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Tron 2

Tron 2 - 0.9.2

Lucas Philips (quotex)



Ghostshooter53's clone of Tron + multiplayer and collision support. controls are blue(w,a,s,d) white (f,h) or (t,f,g,h) I forgot which one lol green(u,h,j,k) and red(up,left,down,right). If you move the opposite direction you're moving, go offscreen, or hit someone's light wall, you vanish. When all four vanish, all four reappear at their original positions. AI is functional, but in development.


Added multiple vehicles. I haven't fixed the classes yet to run off of one base class, but maybe next time ehh. So far the vehicles are just defined by images, and not classes, so to change your vehicle would mean changing the folder name, or the code. anyway, we have a sports car(arrow keys), a blue jet (w,a,s,d), a green tank (i,j,k,l), and a white light cycle (t,f,g,h) Music plays a custom Glitch Mob rendition of Derezzed. Code is messy, but to play it just run the, not is the cleaner code i'm working on.


Home Page:!/groups/panthersprogramming/


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Tron 2 - 0.9.8 - Apr 13, 2014
Tron 2 - 0.9.4 - Oct 16, 2012
Tron 2 - 0.9.3 - Oct 14, 2012
Tron 2 - 0.9.2 - Oct 6, 2012
Tron 2 - 0.9.1 - Oct 2, 2012
Tron 2 - 0.9.0 - Oct 1, 2012 account Comments

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October 28, 2012 9:32pm - Lucas Philips - nickname: (quotex)
@Mekire. Lmao yes. I was trying for that minimized class structure. I wanted a class for each vehicle, as in a class for lightbikes, gliders, tanks, etc. Every lightbike has the same properties, but different keysets, colors, and positions. Likewise every tank has the same properties. But the tanks differ in basic function from the lightbikes, moving half as fast, but being able to shoot a wall destroying blast every so and so seconds. To do that, well it would require a better wall creating system. :p anyway that's just something I'm thinking of implementing in the future.

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