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Space Domination - 0.2

Space Domination will be a cross-platform top-down scrolling spaceship shooter/adventure game.

Jami Couch
I plan for Space Domination to be an open-ended game in the sense that I'd like to provide a storyline myself, but leave it open for others to easily add their own custom missions and campaigns. For this reason, I have implemented many of the specific game assets in XML. Currently, the main game mechanics are in place while I build around these to create a fully functional, challenging, and fun platform. Furthermore, I would eventually love to add networked cooperative play.


New in Release 0.2:
  • A new mission which features a space station with turrets
  • Improved AI - the AI will lead the target now and won't fire when its friends are in the way
  • Options menu - you can now change your "callsign" and the dimensions of the game window on the options page. The minimum window size is 1024x768 (though I may change this to x600 in future versions to account for netbooks...)
  • New graphics - I've been playing around in Inkscape with vector graphics, which I used to design all the sprites that are used in the game now (other than the explosions).
  • Multiple weapons - You can swap between lasers and missiles with the number buttons 1 and 2, respectively.


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Space Domination 0.1 — 9 Aug, 2012

Space Domination 0.2 — 13 Aug, 2012

Space Domination 0.3 — 5 Sep, 2012 account Comments