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Simple Sprite Renderer - 0.1.0

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Simple Sprite Renderer doesn't work with images directly, but instead you create so-called "objects".

These objects can take a sprite, a position, and a "layer" property, which determines which objects are rendered in front. You can also specify the center of the player's viewport on the map, which can be moved easily.

The pygame implementation uses internal tiles, and only redraws those tiles that have changed. The engine supports planes of arbitrary size, however, the plane can not be resized at runtime currently.

Missing features include animations, scaling and rotation. An implementation on top of openGL is planned.


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Simple Sprite Renderer - 0.1.0 - Sep 18, 2010 account Comments

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September 21, 2010 11:16am - Unknown - nickname: (cib)
As I'm getting more familiar with openGL, it gets more and more likely that the API will change. I doubt anyone will use the engine as it is, but I thought I should inform you.
September 20, 2010 9:31am - Jason Marshall - nickname: (jmm0)
"An implementation on top of openGL is planned" - that's the part that I find most interesting!

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