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Realtime Cubic Reflection Mapping

Realtime reflections.

Ian Mallett
Well, I'm making great strides with shaders, so it seems like it will be a while before I release something that uses fixed-function like my PyOpenGL Library. I plan to update most of my OpenGL stuff to use shaders, because they are easier to use and a ton more powerful.

Which brings me to this. I made this while I still couldn't do shaders. It is fixed function, and because of that, is more or less a dead-end. I'll certainly use bits and pieces of it with my shaders--grrrr can't get away from those environment maps...

It's been a while (like about two weeks as of now) since I made this code. It's uncommented, but it is a cool tech demo. You can change the reflector too. The default is a sphere, but for the teapot look below line 103.




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