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Pygame Text Input - 0.1

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Write text in pygame! This small module can be used to write text in pygame. It includes a blinking cursor that can be moved using the left and right arrow key as well as the home and the end button. You can also press any button for a little bit longer to make it re-enter itself many times a second. It is very easy to use, check out github for instructions! In case you are wondering why you should use this module instead of EzText? Because eztext is garbage code. EzText has about a hundred if-statemets that check for input like this: "if K_k in events and K_SHIFT in pygame_pressed: string += "K"". Apart from the fact that this is extremely ugly code, this makes it also only support ONE keyboard - probably the american one. All the others have wrong keys in them. This module here takes the "unicode" attribute provided by pygame events and thus supports ALL letters and character, exactly the way they appear on your keyboard, be it with "Shift" or "Ctrl+Alt" pressed at the same time.


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December 16, 2016 8:45pm - Barnaby Jones - nickname: (thetycoon) - 4/5
Excellent. Thank you!

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