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OcempGUI - 0.1.2

Marcus von Appen (marcusva)



OcempGUI is a small toolkit, which comes with various modules suitable for event management, user interfaces, 2D drawing and accessibility.

OcempGUI enables developers to enhance their python and/or pygame applications and games easily with graphical UI elements such as buttons, entry boxes, scrolling abilities and more as well as simple event brokers or features, which enhance the program by adding accessibility to its objects.

It can save a developer much time by providing a broad range of drawing routines and ready-to-use event capable object types. The developer can focus on the main tasks instead of taking care about needed low-level components, which are given to him with OcempGUI.



  • Added EventManager.emit_event() method, which emits Event objects.
  • New method set_children() in Container class, which allows to set the children of a Container using lists of widgets.
  • New method insert_child() in Container class, which allows to insert a widget at a specific position within the Container.


  • Minor typo fixes and corrections in the documentation.
  • Improved TicTacToe example.
  • Changed Label.multiline behaviour from os.linesep checks to newline (\n) checks.
  • Fixed a bug in Label.set_widget(), which prevented it from being reset.
  • Fixed a minor height calculation bug in the Window class.
  • Fixed a bug in the Renderer which caused it to loose its set background


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OcempGUI - 0.2.9 - May 10, 2008
OcempGUI - 0.2.8 - Jan 10, 2008
OcempGUI - 0.2.7 - Mar 23, 2007
OcempGUI - 0.2.6 - Feb 1, 2007
OcempGUI - 0.2.5 - Jan 22, 2007
OcempGUI - 0.2.4 - Jan 8, 2007
OcempGUI - 0.2.3 - Nov 20, 2006
OcempGUI - 0.2.2 - Oct 19, 2006
OcempGUI - 0.2.1 - Aug 25, 2006
OcempGUI - 0.2.0 - Jul 22, 2006
OcempGUI - 0.1.2 - Feb 16, 2006
OcempGUI - 0.1.1 - Dec 9, 2005
OcempGUI - 0.1.0 - Nov 24, 2005
OcempGUI - 0.0.9 - Oct 13, 2005
OcempGUI - 0.0.8 - Sep 17, 2005
OcempGUI - 0.0.8-NYR - Sep 7, 2005 account Comments

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September 29, 2011 4:35am - Snow Globe - nickname: (snowglobe)
<back from spending the afternoon looking more deeply into OcEmpGui> Seriously. Marcus has laid down a solid foundation here that could really go someplace! As it stands, this package is extremely robust and feature-rich, very well-documented, requires nothing beyond pygame and numeric/numpy, and is actually quite easy to get started with (pull open the html manual on your second screen, jump into docs/examples/ and work your way up to docs/examples/

Why hasn't this gotten more attention?? A name change, maybe ... EasyPygameGUI?
September 28, 2011 8:47pm - Snow Globe - nickname: (snowglobe) - 5/5
This really is terrific stuff. Works great up to Python 2.4, but then starts getting sluggish for some reason.

pygame powers-that-be should really consider taking this into trunk, imho
January 11, 2008 6:34am - Marcus von Appen - nickname: (marcusva)
You can use the ocemp-devel mailing list at or the wiki at to ask any question, you have.

@Mike: Heavy on requirements? Python and Pygame with surfarray support are not heavy, I think ;-).
January 11, 2008 4:55am - Ivan DelSol - nickname: (sunspider) - 4/5
Hey this is awesome stuff. I'm an experienced game engine programmer just starting with Python and Pygame. After researching all the guis on this page I decided on yours. Do you have a forum on this package somewhere? I'd love to talk with other users and share knowledge. A few questions for you too, if you're interested.
January 10, 2008 8:51am - pymike - nickname: (pymike) - 5/5
AMAZING. A little heavy on requirements, but still outstanding. Well done.
July 19, 2007 4:47pm - Anonymous - nickname: (pywiz32)
The program kept hanging when I tried to install it on my win98, so i had to change line 28 to

return not os.system ("pkg-config > NUL") == 0

for it to work
August 5, 2006 1:22pm - Ryan Charpentier - nickname: (ryan) - 5/5
I've only tried the widgets portion of this package but the selection and functionality of the widgets really is top notch. Excellent docstrings for all the classes as well. Only thing that takes time is plugging his Renderer into your code. Make sure you check's documentation if you are having trouble.

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