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Multi-player Snake experiment

Multi-player Snake experiment - 0.1

Henning von Bargen (hvbargen)



In December I told my son that around 1986 I wrote a snake game for my ZX spectrum (the idea is even older), with sound and all. He asked if I could show him. Well, no! I don't have the tape(!) anymore. But, I wondered, how long it would take to develop the game anew? But this time with a multi-player mode, 'cause multi-player games are most fun to play. And although I prefer Python, I wanted to give Java a chance. This was my plan: On one evening: * decide which game library to use (candidates where "pygame" and "processing") * download and install each one * try to find a simple existing snake implementation * choose one of the libraries * write a little doc about why I chose (guess:) pygame. * Create sound rules for a multi-player version of snake. * Understand the existing implementation And then as soon as possible create a running implementation of the multi-player game. Well, this is the result.


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Multi-player Snake experiment - 0.1 - Jan 16, 2011 account Comments

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January 18, 2011 4:29pm - Robert Leachman - nickname: (quazar)
Good stuff and thanks for sharing. How'd your kid like it? You're inspiring me to go get a gamepad... and work on multiplayer action in my effort!
January 16, 2011 8:03pm - Robert Leachman - nickname: (quazar)
Teasing us? :) This website isn't the easiest... keep going, let's see this thing, we need a link!

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