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Micro-Crawl - 0.0.1

Henry Mclaughlin (mrdude)



Micro-Crawl will be a hack and slash RPG taking place in a dungeon consisting of lots and lots of tiny rooms. There will be monsters, multiple weapons, a handful of character classes, and even a boss at the end of each dungeon!

The concept for Micro-Crawl came from Sean Howard's 300 Mechanics page, specifically his "Tiny Crawl" concept. (Though only from the first entry about it, from there he goes into indirect interaction that I may explore in other projects, but won't work with here)

The dungeon now has 16 rooms to explore, a bunch of goblins to kill, and 2 weapons for you to find!

The controls are:
  • Arrow Keys - Walk, enter doors, climb ladders
  • Z - Hold to run
  • X - Use weapon
  • A - Pick up item from the floor
  • S - Open chest
  • I - Open/close inventory menu


Micro-Crawl now has a (rather small) dungeon for you to explore! The little knight guy can go through doors and climb a ladder between rooms, even though there are only 5 rooms...


Home Page:


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Micro-Crawl - 0.1.0 - Jun 28, 2010
Micro-Crawl - 0.0.1 - Jun 25, 2010
Micro-Crawl - 0.0.0 - Jun 24, 2010 account Comments

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November 5, 2010 10:27am - Hewitt Squared Labs - nickname: (hewitt2labs) - 4/5
Very fun, good polish (the UI is great), and pretty fun. the one thing is that there are no ranged weapons (bows, wands, etc.). they may not be very useful, but they do add a roundedness to the game. and if you want a huge boss battle, I'd suggest ranged weapons. but a whole lot of fun, better than most other things on this page. oh yeah, you may want a point system too.
July 17, 2010 2:14pm - patrick mullen - nickname: (saluk)
My only problem with the design so far, is navigating the dungeon is very confusing. With the side view, and so much reliance on going into and out of the screen, my brain can't seem to make a mental map of how it's all laid out. Since most of the rooms look similar, it's going to be procedural, and the maps will be bigger, this problem will get worse. A map might help, but also might take away a bit from the feel. One small thing that might help is for doors to not use the same scrolling effect as ladders, giving the impression of vertical instead of lateral movement.
June 29, 2010 2:36am - mr cal - nickname: (mrcal) - 4/5
you have to press i then click the sword then click wield

Very fun game :)
June 28, 2010 8:40pm - J. D. Bartlett - nickname: (talljosh) - 4/5
I can't figure out how to use the sword. I can pick it up, and see it in the inventory, but pressing 'X' isn't doing anything. Also, I'm definitely still alive on negative hit points. Very good work though, I like it very much!
June 28, 2010 11:35am - Henry Mclaughlin - nickname: (mrdude)
The finished game will actually have procedural dungeons :) The hand-made dungeon it has now is just for testing features.
Support for special rooms is definitely in the game's future, though, and will require taking things apart. Saving the map to disk will come once I have some kind of dungeon generator.
And the END IF comments are for long blocks, not shallow indents. (Though I'm sorry if the shallow indents make it hard to read; I'm working on a tiny netbook at the moment...)
Finally, the screen size will probably be increased some time soon, yeah. I got it in my head when I started that a tiny screen would be best. :/


Actually, the female form is done, it's just that the game doesn't use it. To use the female character, change the 'male' in line 31 of 'lib/' to 'female' and you'll be all set!
June 28, 2010 9:29am - Donpachi - nickname: (donpachi)
The game looks very nice. Only thing is, it's so tiny on my screen. If there's an easy way to square the size of everything, it would be welcome. I looked through the code and there are some techniques in there that I'd never considered before. You've put a lot of END IF lines as comments. I think you might not need those if you used a greater indentation for code blocks, like 8 steps.

The map format seems a bit iffy to me. Have you considered support for 'special' rooms? Like boss rooms, or travelling through the world, or whatever comes up later on. Is there any way you can save the map to a disk and load it later? If you can create a functioning map editor for it, it won't matter how the internals are ordered.

Well, now that I think about it, it's not like the map formatting is bad. Takes just some concentration to keep a visual image of everything while editing.
June 28, 2010 8:51am - miezebieze - nickname: (mieze) - 5/5
It's super cool. Please make the female form available next.
June 26, 2010 4:58pm - Henry Mclaughlin - nickname: (mrdude)
Thank you very much :)
June 26, 2010 2:47pm - David - nickname: (animatinator)
Looks rather spiffy so far; the room transitions are nice B-)

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