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Mandelbrot Set

Mandelbrot Set - 2.0.0

Ian Mallett (geometrian)



There's a nice song which goes something like:
Take a point called "c" in the complex plane,
Let z1 be c2 + c,
Let z2 be z12 + c,
z3 is z22 + c,
And so on, if the series of z's will always stay,
Close to c and never trend away,
that point is in the Mandelbrot Set!

Here's what the Mandelbrot Set looks like! It even automatically saves a picture of it...

When you specify the output image size, be aware that the graph is graphed with the x-axis ranging from -2 to 1 and the y-axis ranging from -i to i. Namely, you'll want your output image to have an aspect ratio of 3:2. The screenshot, for instance, was rendered at 2400x1600. The program won't force you to use a nice ratio, though.

I had my computer make a really big image--9600x6400, which took about 45 minutes to render. Twice as big causes an error. You can clearly see the echoes of the entire set that are tiny. Here it is: 9600x6400


Home Page:


click to view original size


Mandelbrot Set - 2.0.0 - Mar 19, 2008 account Comments

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April 20, 2008 7:32pm - Ian Mallett - nickname: (geometrian)
I'm glad you like it!
However, this has pretty much been replaced by:
That has color and calculates more efficiently.
April 5, 2008 8:23am - Luca Fabbri - nickname: (keul) - 3/5
I really liked this. You also need some controls over color displayed!
March 19, 2008 10:08pm - Ian Mallett - nickname: (geometrian)
Version 2.0.0 released! (Version 1.0.0 was pre-release work)

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