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Level Editor - 1.0

Anonymous (pywiz32)



This is a full level editor for my upcoming platforming game. I felt like I should release this ahead of time. It uses pgu for the gui.


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Level Editor - 1.0 - Jul 20, 2009 account Comments

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April 3, 2010 8:23pm - Nathan Timmerman - nickname: (dullstar)
QUOTE: "...might it be possible to sue this..."

I really need to start proofreading my posts.
November 25, 2009 9:42pm - Nathan Timmerman - nickname: (dullstar)
Note: If anyone's wondering about that post with only one sentence: Have you ever had that happen to you where a post accidentally occurs twice?
November 25, 2009 9:40pm - Nathan Timmerman - nickname: (dullstar)
I think I know how I could create a level editor for my own games, but I'm not exactly sure how to save it.

Well, not yet, anyway, but the tutorials I'm using should cover that stuff! I'm hoping, anyways. If I don't have much luck, might it be possible to sue this just to create levels, I'm wondering, just so I don't have to type out the whole groups of tiles?
November 25, 2009 9:39pm - Nathan Timmerman - nickname: (dullstar) - 5/5
I think I know how I could create a level editor

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