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KiruruRus - 0.4

Fibula (fibula)



A pretty early release of a game I've been wanting to work on (I've always wanted to make a shmup). When it's completed it'll have 100% hand drawn graphics, but for now it's still borrowing a few bits and pieces from a scrapped earlier project.

Give me some suggestions or even point me to some other shmups for some inspiration.


-Added new, crazy bullet patterns
-Using a new system of creating/loading levels and enemies
-Added some boss music (ripped straight out of Dodonpachi but I'll make my own... someday)
-The game will crash after you kill the snail thing; not really a "bug" since it's just looking for the next non-existent level. Ignore it.
-Now featuring lame backgrounds!


Home Page:


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KiruruRus - 0.4.1a - Jan 29, 2010
KiruruRus - 0.4 - Nov 19, 2009
KiruruRus - 0.1.1 - Oct 30, 2009
KiruruRus - 0.1 - Oct 29, 2009 account Comments

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January 30, 2010 3:50pm - Nicola - nickname: (pesapower)
Very great program :)
beautiful code ;)
January 29, 2010 7:34pm - Fibula - nickname: (fibula)
Huh, I really can't figure out why it did that.

I always get a couple people to test out the game on Windows and they had no issues, and trying out your suggestion just seems to screw it up. Maybe there's just something crazy in your python installation?

If anyone else has this problem then I'll try to find a better solution since yours completely blows up on me.

But thanks for pointing it out.
January 26, 2010 9:59pm - Justin Gasal - nickname: (jdog) - 3/5
Pretty good game. I love the graphics!

I had one problem, though. It wouldn't run until I fixed the line in class Block where you define For Python 3.1 on Windows XP it has to be: = str(self.__class__)[17:-2]
the old code was: = str(self.__class__)[9:]
which gave something like '_main__Rusher>"' for the Rusher derived class.

Runs fine now, though I suck at it!
December 10, 2009 3:23pm - nitrofurano - nickname: (nitrofurano) - 4/5
since you asked suggestions for game inspirations, look for Monadius (a Gradius remake), those awesome Kenta Cho games (mostly found at Ubuntu/Debian repositories - twitter @abagames ) - try to follow also rss entries from and keep seeing their old entries (i found there Chorensha, a w32 remake (awesome is it works very sweet on Wine on Linux! :) ) from its original x68000 version - very addictive) - see also the video entries from onionsoftware on youtube, very unique games there, Onitama and his friends record regularly some videos named HSPTV, about competition entries of games made on HSP - some games there are very inspiring and unique
December 10, 2009 2:52pm - nitrofurano - nickname: (nitrofurano) - 4/5
and anyway, thanks on providing a handdrawn game, i always wanted to create one, but the results were unsatisfactory yet...
December 10, 2009 2:50pm - nitrofurano - nickname: (nitrofurano) - 4/5
runs fine on Linux! :)
some issues:
1- space key for pausing is very weird
2- i don't know which keys are for shooting bullets (tried 'z', 'x', 'space'(...) )
3- try having all sprites on just one picture file (sprite sheet), it's provides a faster and more organized and comfortable development - and sprites are loaded faster as well (you can feel a huge difference when your game is plenty of different sprites)
4- using system typefaces provides a weird look, unless you really want to use it (i think it's not the case for this game) - try to use characters from a picture as well
5- the game lacks animations, and the main sprite (which one you control) seems very static (take a look at Konami's Gradius, for example)
(since it's GPL, be welcome taking and studying parts of my game here at shooters, Bwekamba, which i think has some clues can be useful for you improving this game, humbly saying... )
November 8, 2009 2:25pm - Ivalice Fan - nickname: (ico) - 4/5
Reminds me of everyday shooter but without the polygons. Works well on windows xp but I didn't try it on one of my macs.
October 31, 2009 6:05am - Fibula - nickname: (fibula)
If you mean the bouncing up and down, that's intentional.

If you're talking about the teleporting on top of walls whenever it collides with one... I'll get around to fixing that someday. I don't want to unleash a bunch of tiny updates so for now I'm focusing on a bigger all around update and I'll toss that fix in with it.
October 31, 2009 5:57am - Jared - nickname: (jabapyth) - 4/5
well done! nice graphics. tank movement is a little glitchy, though...
October 30, 2009 11:44am - Fibula - nickname: (fibula)
Okay, you can now play using arrow keys. That should make controls slightly more bearable for non-QWERTY keyboards.

And thanks for picking up on the filename issue. OS X is normally really picky when it comes to things like that, but I didn't even notice it.
October 30, 2009 10:17am - josmiley / Luke spywoker - nickname: (mutualaccount)
excellent design, j'aime beaucoup; mais gameplay difficile sur clavier azerty.
le fichier BattleShip1.png necessite d'être renommer en Battleship1.png .
October 29, 2009 11:12pm - Fibula - nickname: (fibula)
The reason there's limited ammo is because the previous game was going to feature the player as a virus trying to invade and destroy a body, but the person that was going to do the graphics decided he didn't want to work anymore. You were going to start with just a few "clones" and you'd have to ram into enemies or shoot them to get more. (I still have it so you can collide with some to kill them)

I'm trying to come up with another crazy way to have limited ammo work out in this project, so for now I'm just providing loads of ammo that won't run out.

And thanks. I'm going to try and extend the first level and come up with some more enemy designs, so it should keep getting better.
October 29, 2009 6:35pm - Shizzle - nickname: (vashstamptypho) - 5/5
Awesome game. Love the artstyle. Love the weapon choice. No, real criticisms. I did wonder if it was necessary to have Ammo because I never seemed to run out. Although, I do like the idea of having ammo, just knowing it's there even if I never run out, so I wouldn't suggest changing the way you have ammo in the game. I thought it was awesome. LOVE IT!

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