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Foong (A Pong clone) - 2.0a

A clone of pong. This is my first attempt at programming the AI in a game.

Hector Toledo
Play using the mouse to move the block.


Now Foong have network capabilities. It's just not ready for users yet. It's very buggy right now, hence the 'a' for alpha in the version number. I'll be working on the bugs. Some feedback will be great.
For those of you who want to try it out here are the instructions:
1. Run python game_server [host] [port], where host and port are the ip address and port where you want to be serving your game.
2. Edit the file and HOST and PORT for the corresponding host and port of the server.
3. Run python and hit "Connect" on the title screen.

I haven't done any GUI for inputing the host and port, and I really don't want to do it by specifying arguments on the command line. I'm working on the GUI and fixing bugs right now.


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