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Disc Warriors - .0.3.5

An RPG game based off of the game Megaman Battle Network. But, taken in a different direction.

The world is unknowing of a new age of technological advances in a vast island in the Bermuda Triangle. In this country, the most advanced thing is the E-World. It's an electronic world that people can actually travel to. You can live, eat, and breathe there. To do this though, you need a Desyn, and a Runner. A Desyn is an electronic being that you use to go into the E-World by merging with them to give you the strength to go around and fight of bugs or bullies. A Runner is the device that holds the Desyn while you are in the real world, holds your discs, and transports you through the two worlds.


This is the final Pre-Alpha release before the first Alpha release. Only a few more features are needed till then.


Workable Menu GUI system
Plug-in system for players, enemies, battle arenas, areas (and eventually attacks)
State system
Enemies that can be fought
More, but I can't remember. It's not much at the moment, but it's a major improvement to the C++ version.

How to:


Move with the arrow keys (duh)
Bring up the Menu with the Enter key
Click "Engage" in the Menu to start attacking bugs
Under Engage, click "Info" to see there health and "Ok" to begin a battle with them

Move with the arrow keys (again, duh)
Use the Space key to attack

Current Bugs:

It crashes if an attack goes off of the right or bottom of the screen

Planned features:

Making a plugin system for attacks
Make bugs attack


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Disc Warriors .0.3.5 — 16 May, 2009

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