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Circles of Influence

Distorting bubbles in pretty decent real-time...

Ian Mallett

I was bored one evening, and after a few semi-related discussions on irc, I decided to make this.

What you do is move the cursor around (the blue bubble will follow you) and it will distort along with the other bubbles in a nice fair way.

The screenshot can't really show how this works effectively; it should be tried to be appreciated.

Naturally, such a simulation can take a great deal of calculation, so Psyco is optional. Also, certain parameters can be tweaked to make more collision (and cooler effects) but it runs more slowly.



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Circles of Influence 3.0.0 — 7 Sep, 2008

Circles of Influence 4.0.0 — 13 Feb, 2009 account Comments

  • kovorama 2011-11-26 09:05:05

    very cool

  • alexpinho98 2012-12-04 16:22:20

    Found an error :

    when i put <spread =="" 0=""> and when the mouse is on the center it says:

    ''line 129, in CollisionDetect

    boundaryslope = -(slope**-1)

    ZeroDivisionError: 0.0 cannot be raised to a negative power"

    You can fix it by putting <boundaryslope =="" -((slope="" +="" 0.001)**-1)="">

    This solves the Zero Division Bug

    alexpinho98 2012-12-04 16:24:41

    I meant spread = 0 and boundaryslope = -((slope+0.001)**-1)