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Circles of Influence

Circles of Influence - 4.0.0

Ian Mallett (geometrian)



I was bored one evening, and after a few semi-related discussions on irc, I decided to make this.

What you do is move the cursor around (the blue bubble will follow you) and it will distort along with the other bubbles in a nice fair way.

The screenshot can't really show how this works effectively; it should be tried to be appreciated.

Naturally, such a simulation can take a great deal of calculation, so Psyco is optional. Also, certain parameters can be tweaked to make more collision (and cooler effects) but it runs more slowly.


Revamped the entire way this works. Much faster, doesn't require Psyco, merging circles, etc.


Home Page:


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Circles of Influence - 4.0.0 - Feb 13, 2009
Circles of Influence - 3.0.0 - Sep 7, 2008 account Comments

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February 24, 2009 5:10pm - Clayton G. Hobbs - nickname: (ratfink) - 4/5
I just tried it, and it looks really cool! It has a few oddities where the red circle sometimes jumps a tiny bit for about one frame. Don't know how that could be fixed, but I just thought I'd let you know.
February 16, 2009 11:08am - Daesung Park - nickname: (grayger)
February 13, 2009 4:22pm - Ian Mallett - nickname: (geometrian)
Version 4.0.0 released!
September 13, 2008 6:47pm - Ian Mallett - nickname: (geometrian)
Hey, thanks all! Cool tip effeemme! I just which it worked for 3D too...
September 13, 2008 4:50pm - Francesco Mastellone - nickname: (effeemme) - 5/5
Hella cool. Just a tip: instead of declaring a Pythag2D function, from math import hypot ;)
September 9, 2008 2:55pm - Marcel Rodrigues - nickname: (marcel) - 5/5
I like it!
September 7, 2008 12:51pm - Jeffrey Aylesworth - nickname: (jeffayle) - 5/5
September 7, 2008 1:18am - Jordan Trudgett - nickname: (tgfcoder)
Wow, intense. :)
September 7, 2008 12:25am - Ian Mallett - nickname: (geometrian)
Version 3.0.0 released! (Versions 1.0.0-2.0.0 were pre-release work).

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