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CHAT - 1.0

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The chat system consists of a client and a server program. The client uses non-blocking sockets and has a multi-threaded connection process so the GUI remains responsive at all times. The server program also uses non-blocking sockets. This project is highly modularized and heavily commented.


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CHAT - 1.0 - Jul 9, 2003 account Comments

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December 1, 2007 1:37pm - pymike - nickname: (pymike) - 5/5
Very nice. GUI does need some work. My chat program is compatible with this chat too!
July 30, 2006 1:03pm - Anonymous - nickname: (pywiz32) - 3/5
very close to very good.
gui needs come work, screen shot needs to be better resolution, and (as used in the screenshot) does not work (at least when i tried it). my self, i edited the code to work with ftp clients that don't send a message to login. works fine. This i did NOT put on the internet, i just use it to chat to my freind, that doesn't really know about python. One last note; the is not the most friendly module.

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