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2D Puppet - 1.1

A simple 2 dimensional puppet program made in Python and PyGame.

Aaron Ferrell
This puppet program was designed so that users may simulate a 2 dimensional puppet for use with Omegle, Chatroulette, or any other purpose they see fit. It currently supports basic mood changing, eyebrow raising, blinking and winking, and basic mouth controls. It does not currently support any sort of simulated video device.


Changes in v1.1

Config update.

+ Added another puppet (Miss Malorie)
+ Added simple config files to allow custom puppets
+ Added puppet.ini file to declare desired puppet
--- Placeholder for proper selection
+ Changed code to be more robust
--- Removed a lot of pieces of code that were hard-coded


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2D Puppet 1.0 — 3 Sep, 2012

2D Puppet 1.1 — 18 Feb, 2013 account Comments