Interview With Steve Moret

Lead Programmer at Troika Games, LLC.

Greyhawk: Temple of Elemental Evil is a PC role playing game that implements the Dungeons and Dragons Third Edition rules inside the popular Greyhawk campaign. The game was published in fall of 2003 by Atari. Steve has agreed to an interview on the use of the Python programming language in this game.

Screenshot Steve, thanks for taking the time for this interview. The first question on my mind is; what was the deciding factor to go with Python? Was it a matter of personal taste, or was there a larger comparison and analysis?

There are worthwhile alternatives available. Were you confident in Python from the start, or was there a "backup plan" during development?

Screenshot As the game progressed, did the development team find itself using Python for different roles than it was original chose for? Was Python able to be used outside the game itself, for tasks like data management or testing frameworks?

In the right environments, just about anyone can learn to use Python for specific tasks. Was Python used by any of the staff outside the programming team?

Screenshot I see Python is already being used for your next title under development. How have your feelings about Python changed since when you started using it in Temple of Elemental Evil?